6 Reasons Why You Need Tremella Mushroom in Your Skin Care Routine

6 Reasons Why You Need Tremella Mushroom in Your Skin Care Routine - Three Ships

For centuries, Tremella mushrooms have been used for their youthful, beauty-enhancing benefits in ancient China.

While mushrooms are known to make a healthy addition to your meals, more studies reveal that they can even pack a punch in your skincare routine.

Tremella mushrooms are an all-inclusive source of vitamin D, antioxidants, and minerals. What’s great about tremella mushrooms is that no matter what your skin type may be, tremella mushrooms have a way of benefiting your skin!

Let’s discuss the variety of health benefits found in Tremella mushrooms, and why you need to add them to your skincare routine ASAP.

What Are Tremella Mushrooms?

Tremella mushrooms – also called silver ear, snow mushrooms, snow fungus, and tremella fuciformis – are edible fungi. They are generally one of the lesser-known types of mushrooms. In fact, this nutrient-rich veggie is packed with intense benefits for your skin, regardless of your skin type.

6 Reasons Why You Need Tremella Mushroom in Your Skin Care Routine

1. Boosts Hydration

Tremella mushrooms are a natural source of hyaluronic acid. Due to hyaluronic acid’s ability to bind water molecules in our skin, tremella mushrooms can retain water and maintain your skin’s moisture levels.

Tremella mushrooms are shown to store up to 500 times their weight in water, making them a go-to skincare ingredient if you experience dry skin. Because tremella mushroom extract is naturally oily, it can penetrate your skin and enhance its natural moisture levels deep from within.

People with acne-prone skin can benefit from added moisture levels to prevent them from overproducing oil and keeping their skin hydrated.

Tremella mushrooms can help hydrate your skin and maintain moisture levels. It can be especially beneficial if you regularly experience dryness, especially during the cold winter months.

2. Increases Collagen Production

Tremella mushrooms are rich in plant collagen, which is a combination of essential nutrients, vitamin C, and amino acids. When combined, these nutrients can boost collagen levels and help your skin become stronger and healthier.

Collagen is essential to improving your skin’s texture, strengthening your natural skin barrier, and minimizing the appearance of scarring and enlarged pores.

Tremella mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which are carbohydrate chains. Polysaccharides promote skin collagen synthesis, which helps boost skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Tremella mushrooms can also help enhance your skin’s natural collagen production, a specific type of protein found inside your skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The increased level of collagen in the skin can also help promote a fresh, youthful appearance. In addition, when collagen is utilized to thicken the various layers of the skin, it protects the skin from pollutants that can cause damage and decrease the integrity of your skin.

3. Minimizes Appearance of Fine Lines

Because of its collagen-boosting properties and moisturizing benefits, tremella mushrooms may also help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Well-nourished skin is more resilient against harmful environmental factors, such as sun damage and pollutants, which damages your skin as you age. The added collagen-boosting benefits can help delay the appearance of fine lines by maintaining skin cell health and promoting younger, healthier-looking skin.

4. Antioxidant Support

Tremella mushrooms are high in antioxidants, which protect your skin from free radical damage. These antioxidant properties may also be beneficial in reducing the severity of hyperpigmentation and promoting an even skin tone.

Tremella mushrooms can be used to support your skin as you age by preventing damage from occurring and maintaining healthy cell regeneration.

The rich antioxidants in tremella mushrooms can also be used to maintain the strength of your skin cells and promote a youthful glow.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Tremella mushrooms are packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful if you experience redness and swelling caused by acne or other skin irritants.

Tremella mushrooms make a unique partner for anyone with acne-prone skin. Due to their anti-inflammatory benefits, tremella mushrooms can help reduce the severity of blemishes and maintain moisture levels.

The anti-inflammatory properties of tremella mushrooms may also be beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Tremella mushrooms can help soothe your skin when it has become irritated and strengthen your skin to reduce the risk of further irritation or rashes.

6. Supports Vitamin D Levels

Tremella mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which has a wide variety of benefits for your skin’s health. Vitamin D can help support your skin’s hydration levels due to its high levels of polysaccharides.

As most carbs found in nature are polysaccharides, these carbohydrates help your skin retain moisture and increase its overall hydration levels.

Vitamin D is also beneficial for repairing skin from UV damage caused by excessive sunlight. In addition, Tremella’s high vitamin D content promotes healthy skin cell growth and healing.

How Can I Incorporate Tremella Mushrooms in My Skincare Routine?

Incorporating tremella mushrooms into your skincare routine has never been easier with our Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum.

Our Dew Drops serum is rich with tremella mushrooms to help you get the most effective benefits from your new favorite fungi. This serum also contains Kakadu plum, which is packed with 100x more vitamin C than oranges to plump up and brighten the skin.

In addition, Dew Drops contain 0.5% red algae extract, which can help support your skin’s hydration levels and leave your skin looking soft and supple.

Wondering if tremella mushrooms may work for you? Before adding tremella into your skincare routine, consult your dermatologist and discuss if tremella mushrooms can benefit your skin.

What Can I Combine with Tremella Mushrooms

There are loads of skincare ingredients and products that pair well with tremella mushrooms. Opt for ingredients that complement the benefits of tremella mushrooms and help enhance their powerful benefits. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Grape Stem Cell Extract is loaded with antioxidants to fight against free radical damage and protect the outermost layer of your skin.
  • Squalane helps to support and replenish the skin’s native lipid barrier. In turn, this non-comedogenic oil helps prevent dryness and protects the skin against external irritants and pollutants.
  • Bark Extract is high in polyphenols that provide the skin with long-lasting protection and hydration to promote skin elasticity.

You can find these powerful skincare additions in our Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Day Cream. One of the best parts? The bark extract in Radiance is completely upcycled, so your skin gets all the benefits while reducing environmental waste.


At Three Ships, we’re all about uncomplicated skincare backed by natural ingredients and real science. Tremella mushrooms might just be the skincare booster you’ve been looking for.

No matter what your skin type may be, tremella mushrooms pack a punch, and they are more than capable of stepping up your skincare routine and revitalizing your skin to its fullest potential. The way skincare should be.


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