Everything You Need to Know About our Radiance Day Cream

Everything You Need to Know About our Radiance Day Cream - Three Ships

Our Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Day Cream is our most recommended product and for good reason! It’s a fast-absorbing, light-weight moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and ready for the day.

Key Ingredients

Grape Stem Cell Extract (0.4%)

This ingredient contains a powerful antioxidant. It inhibits free radicals and protects epidermal skin cells which stimulates skin regeneration and decreases the appearance of fine lines.

Grape Stem Cell ExtractSqualane (2.5%)

Our Squalane, sourced from sugar cane, helps to support and replenish the skin’s native lipid barrier and in turn, prevent dryness and provide some protection to the skin against external irritants and pollutants. While Squalane is an oil, it is also non-comedogenic so it will not clog the pores, and is suitable for people with acne-prone skin.

Squalane Derived from Sugar Cane Research Paper

Bark Extract Blend (0.25%)

This blend is made out of 4 different types of upcycled tree bark: Red Maple, Black Spruce, Yellow Birch, and Jack Pine. The Bark Blend helps with long-lasting hydration and strengthening skin health.

How to Use the Radiance Day Cream

Massage one pump of cream to clean, dry skin each morning. Let absorb for 2 minutes if applying makeup. 

Pro tip: The surface of the pump is not only effective for keeping your product sanitary, but it also makes for a great area to mix products together!

How is it Different from the Dream Night Cream?

While both Radiance Day Cream and Dream Night Cream aim to moisturize the skin, they do have distinct active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. Radiance Day Cream is a fast-absorbing, lightweight cream designed for daily use, but that doesn't mean it's limited to daytime use. It is high in antioxidants, making it ideal for protecting your skin from daily environmental stressors. 

On the other hand, Dream Night Cream is a thicker cream that contains Bio-Retinol, which helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and works to repair your skin while you sleep. The Dream Night Cream is specifically designed for nighttime repair.

Together, these creams form a powerful duo for comprehensive skincare. For optimal results and a well-rounded skincare routine, consider using Radiance Day Cream during the day and Dream Night Cream in the evenings. Shop the 2 together in the Day + Night Hydration Bundle and get 20% off!

The Day + Night Hydration Bundle

For more guidance on skincare layering, you can refer to our comprehensive Skincare Layering Guide.

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