Your Three Ships Skincare Layering Guide: Morning & Night

Your Three Ships Skincare Layering Guide: Morning & Night - Three Ships

So you’ve got your cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and face masks… but which product should you use first? Whether you’re a skincare minimalist or looking to pamper yourself, we’ve got the perfect skincare routine that will leave your products in perfect harmony with your skin - both day and night. 

Why order matters

No matter the price, rave, or quantity of skincare products, the order can make or break results on your skin. In other words, best practices for skincare can optimize the products on your vanity and make sure they do their job. This is  due to variations in consistency and density among skincare products that can impact what your skin absorbs and what is left out. For example, a water-based serum cannot penetrate through moisturizer, meaning that it will not contact your skin if you moisturize first. 

Sounds complicated? Not to worry! We’ve curated the perfect, simplified guide for your daytime and nighttime skincare routine with our full Three Ships assortment.


Morning Skincare Routine

Three Ships morning routine

Since you are most active during the day, your skin inevitably tags along and gathers little ‘souvenirs’ wherever you go. You may be working, going out, exercising, or taking on other responsibilities and hobbies which may trap dirt, pollution, sweat, and other debris into your skin. Even more, exposure to UV rays means that your daytime skincare routine should aim to protect and preserve your skin. Here’s your daytime skincare routine:

Step 1: Cleanser

Step 2: Eye Mask

    Step 3: Toner

    Step 4: Water-based Serum

    Step 5: Creams

    Step 6: Oil-based serum

    Step 7: SPF

    • Always finish off your skincare routine with your preferred SPF!

      Step 8: Lip Mask/Balm

        Pro tip: A rule of thumb to layer your skincare properly is to start off with the lightest, thinnest products and finish with the thickest or creamiest. 


        Evening Skincare Routine

        Winding down from the day, your night skincare routine focuses on cleaning off the debris collected on your skin, removing any makeup or excess product, and allowing your skin to repair and refresh for the next day. Here’s your nighttime skincare routine:

        Step 1: Cleansing Oil

        Step 2: Water-based Cleanser

        Step 3: Mask

        Step 4: Toner

        Step 5: Water-based Serum

        Step 6: Moisturizer

        Step 7: Oil-based Serum

        Step 8: Lip Treatment

        We hope that our guide makes skincare more digestible, no matter how many products you use!

        If you would like to have more day/night skincare routine tips, check out our Expert Talk with Dr. Renée A. Beach, MD, FRCPC

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