Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Sandra Carter, Co-founder of Om Mushrooms

Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Sandra Carter, Co-founder of Om Mushrooms - Three Ships

Did you know that mushrooms can be good for your skin, and overall health? Studies have shown that mushrooms can improve immune health, provide cognitive support, and decrease inflammation and redness on skin. Om Mushrooms is a business dedicated to providing high-quality organic mushroom powders and capsules so you can easily reap the rewards of mushrooms.

Co-founder Sandra Carter joins us on the #HerHustle blog series to discuss her story behind starting Om Mushrooms, and why mushrooms are so good for you.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to start Om Mushroom Superfood? 
I co-founded Om Mushroom Superfood in 2010 with the mission to improve people’s daily lives with the power of functional mushrooms. Steve Farrar, our mycologist and co-founder, had been growing culinary mushrooms his whole life. And as a seasoned health and integrative medicine expert, I’d been incorporating functional mushrooms into my wellness routines for years. Together we decided to combine our experience and help change people’s lives through the many benefits of functional mushrooms by making them approachable through supplements, foods and drinks.

Sandra Carter with Om Mushrooms Products

How are mushrooms good for your health?

Adaptogens help us manage stress — and with the many challenges of this past year, people are seeking out natural products that they can use on a daily basis to help them with anxiety, depression and other stress-related issues. Functional mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane and Reishi provide unique benefits as adaptogens and have properties related to mental health. Combining several mushroom species in one product allows for an array of immune support, which is a part of an adaptogenic benefit. Products like Om Mushroom Superfood’s Mighty Mushroom Broth, which contains six different species of functional mushrooms, have gained traction due to their functionality, convenience and ability to nourish, sustain and focus.

Om Mushroom Mighty Mushroom Broth

Can mushrooms be beneficial to our skin?

There are naturally occurring beta glucans and antioxidants in functional mushrooms, which help to optimize immune and gut health — essential building blocks for overall health and wellness. When you improve your immune and gut health, you will see the benefits reflected in the luster of your hair, the strength of your nails and in your skin health. Mushrooms contain prebiotic fiber that act as a platform for healthy and diverse probiotic development. The condition of your probiotic flora then, in turn, helps with the uptake of nutrients from your diet and to overall immune health. Chaga specifically is known for its high levels of antioxidants and ability to promote healthy aging and youthfulness. At Om, we offer a specific Beauty Blend for consumers looking to use the powers of mushrooms to glow from the inside out, which is available as a powder and as a capsule.

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