Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Aja Dang, Content Creator and Founder of MSTRPLN

Three Ships #HerHustle Interview with Aja Dang, Content Creator and Founder of MSTRPLN - Three Ships

Content creator and founder of MSTRPLN, Aja Dang, joins us to share some details behind her entrepreneurial journey. Aja Dang started her career in entertainment as a host and TV personality for well-known publications and networks such as Maxim Magazine, FX Networks, and Fox Sports. Today, Aja  shares her expertise and love for healthy living, organic beauty regimens, and financial wellness across her growing 1.2 million audience on her social platforms.

What inspired you to start sharing content online, and to create MSTRPLN?
I created MSTRPLN out of a need to pay off my debt. For the two years before MSTRPLN was launched, I shared my journey towards financial freedom on my YouTube channel. I found what helped me the most to pay off $200,000 of debt was to develop a planner system and build trackers (budget and goal trackers) to keep me on track. After I paid off my debt and was able to look back on my journey, I thought that if I had a planner that focused on financial health, that maybe I wouldn’t have been so financially irresponsible for so many years. That’s when I decided to build MSTPRLN.

Aja Dang MSTRPLN - Her Hustle Three Ships Beauty

What is MSTRPLN and who is this for?
MSTRPLN is a goal planner that encourages its community to break down tasks and goals in order to achieve the life they want - personally, professionally and financially. I believe that once people have financial security, they’re able to achieve their wildest dreams, which is why financial health is an important aspect of this planner. The MSTRPLN planner is for anyone who dreams big. There are vision board and goal setting pages as well as weekly and monthly layouts to help give you a clear vision of how to accomplish your goals.

What does success mean to you?
Changing the world. No pressure lol 

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
I talk to my friends because they remind me why I do what I do and how unique and awesome I actually am. Find your crew because they’ll pull you out of really dark times.

Aja Dang MSTRPLN - Her Hustle Three Ships Beauty

What is your biggest challenge as a business owner? What is your favourite part of being a business owner?
My biggest challenge is balancing it all.  MSTRPLN is still a small business that requires full time work, which is on top of my full time job. It was very hard to balance everything in the beginning but I’ve found a system that works best for me. 

The best thing about being a business owner is owning something that’s important to you. I really do believe that MSTRPLN can help change the lives of women and that pushes me to continue to learn about business ownership and grow the business.

What tips or advice do you have for other women who would like to start their own businesses?
Find a community of fellow entrepreneurs. This can be on Facebook, IG or at school but being able to bounce ideas off each other, vent, or share war stories will help you become a better small business owner. When I first launched, I relied very heavily on advice given to me by complete strangers on social media.

Aja Dang MSTRPLN - Her Hustle Three Ships Beauty
Do you have a regimented skincare routine? If so, what are some of your favourite products or steps in your routine?
My morning skincare routine is my favorite. I cleanse with Three Ships Beauty Purify Cleanser, apply my Vitamin C Serum from Common Heir, then moisturize with Three Ships Beauty Radiance Day Cream and Glow 49% Jojoba Oil Serum. After those settled into my skin, I finish with Sanitas Skincare Sunscreen. Watch Aja's morning skincare routine here!

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