How to Recycle with Pact

How to Recycle with Pact - Three Ships

Three Ships Beauty is a proud member of Pact, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty products such as pumps and serum droppers. Pact sorts through the hard-to-recycle packages by material type with the aim to find the highest and best use for all materials. Pact will sell some of the material back to beauty packaging manufacturers to fulfill the circular economy.

How to Recycle with Pact

STEP 1: Empty + Clean

Rinse or wipe clean the package. The container has to be clean, and less than 3% of product should be left in the container.

STEP 2: Dispose properly

Check out Pact’s Recycling Guidelines to learn where each specific package belongs: Curbside Bin, Trash or Pact Bin (or you can check out and save this IG post!).

Find a Pact Recycling Bin near you and toss in the Pact-approved clean empties and earn points from select retailers! If there is no Pact Bin near you, you can mail back your clean empties through our collection program!

Mail-Back Collection Program
Our Mail-Back Collection Program is for customers who don’t have access to a local Pact Bin. To participate, visit our co-branded website to access shipping and payment information. Place 5-10 empty beauty packages into a box or envelope you already have (reuse!) with your shipping label and drop off your envelope at a mailbox.

STEP 3: Give it new life
Once the Pact Bin is full, retailers ship it to our recycling facility. Pact sorts through all materials then sell them to recyclers. Pact will sell material back to packaging manufacturers so that it can be used again.

What packaging does Pact accept?

You can send back any Pact approved packages through the program. This program is not exclusive to Three Ships products.

Pact accepts the following packaging:

  • Small plastic jars/pots, tubes, sticks, and small (e.g. travel size) bottles
  • Lipstick and lip gloss tubes, applicators
  • Mascara tubes and wands
  • Lotion pumps, treatment pumps, all dispensers
  • Aluminum tubes, makeup compacts, and colored glass

Three Ships Beauty - Recycle with Pact

Three Ships will cover shipping costs when recycling with Pact 

Three Ships will cover all your collection and recycling fees! Since Pact is a nonprofit we need customers to contribute $5 to cover the shipping costs. You will pay the $5 for the shipping label, but once you receive it, you will be provided with a $5 discount code for your next purchase. Click here to start recycling with Pact!


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