#HerHustle Interview with Erin Kleinberg, Founder of SIDIA

#HerHustle Interview with Erin Kleinberg, Founder of SIDIA - Three Ships

Erin Kleinberg is the founder of SIDIA, co-founder of Coveteur, and CEO & owner of Métier Creative, an award-winning advertising and branding agency. She launched her beauty-lifestyle brand in 2020, in honor of her late grandmother - the IRL Sidia - who left a lasting legacy of comfort, panache and inherent grace that inspires her to this day. Between Zoom meetings and creative brainstorms, the Toronto based ‘momtrepreneur’ always has a moment to spend with her two kids, Parker & Ford. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to start SIDIA the Brand?
I started off my entrepreneurial journey with my own line dubbed erinkleinberg in 2008. I was fresh out of the dorm room and avid as ever to learn, create and connect with as many people and mentors I could find on my way. Long story short, I ended up co-founding The Coveteur as a way to editorialize the precious and nostalgic stories that make each house a home. And in 2015, M

étier Creative was launched, as a culmination of all I’d learned, and that joy and sense of accomplishment I felt in creating brands from scratch. Fast forward to today, where SIDIA is coming on it’s second year of being a full fledged beauty and wellness brand that is taking the world - or my world at least - by storm.
When I started SIDIA, it was really a way for me to process the grief of losing my grandmother, and honor the legacy she left behind. She was a holocaust survivor, immigrant to Canada and mother of 3 — the matriarch of our family and constant source of comfort, home and family. She expressed herself creatively through her looks and style, and did so with such immense grace and poise. And she was the biggest advocate of finding moments of ease in the chaos, taking a personal moment to breathe, reset, and face the day with a new sense of vigor and clarity.
With SIDIA, our hope is to create products that leave you with that same sense of comfort and hygge that my grandmother left me. No matter who the Sidia in your life is, it’s a feeling that endures.

SIDIA the Brand BRALESS and WIRED Candles
What does your typical day look like?
A good day for me starts in the morning. I treasure my time pre- 9 am to set up my day with a quick walk, a condensed shower/skin routine & catch-up with my kiddos. Once I sign in for the day, I know I’m ready to take on whatever wonderful creative chaos will ensue. My ‘work day’ ends around 5:30, and my husband and I take the time to make a meal and have dinner with the kids. And while my morning routine might be my most peaceful moment, this is my most treasured. It’s really my family that keeps me grounded, and the little sayings my kids come home with constantly remind me I’m never done learning. Later on it’s a long, hot shower and debrief from the day — essentially why we created our BRALESS and WIRED candles. I try to stay away from my phone from this point onwards, but more times than not I’ll answer a quick email or take a scroll through social. But it’s a practice, like they say! Then it’s lights-out for me.
What does success mean to you?
Feeling like I’m continually learning, having growth, and benign content with the everyday. Feeling grateful and excited about the future.

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
Every. F******. Day. You can’t be an entrepreneur without these moments. For me a fresh day always brings new perspectives. Sometimes I just have to stop if it’s a garbage day, and wake up refreshed ready to re-open the door that was slammed in my face the day prior. I connect with my inner self, channel my ambition and excitement for the job and push through it. I work closely with my team to get their opinions, and we course correct. This is part of the journey and the good times don’t feel as good without the hard days!

SIDIA the Brand
Do you have any morning routines or evening rituals to help you stay balanced?
My mornings usually start early thanks to my kids, Parker and Ford. They wake me up around 6:30 and we all hang in bed together for a cuddle - they will usually watch something, and I’ll check my calendar and answer a few emails. I love that feeling to begin my day, and I hope to create the same feelings of family, sanctuary and peace for my kids that I experienced growing up.
In the evenings, I love taking the opportunity to cook with my family and have dinner together. Once they’re in bed, I head to my bathroom and take a long, very hot shower. I light my BRALESS candle, with patchouli, cedar, guaiac wood, and put on my SIDIA towel or caftan or one of our sets and just absorb the day. I love being cozy. And after a day of being online, that alone time really brings me back to myself.
What tips or advice do you have for other women who would like to start their own businesses?
Embrace your failures as opportunities. Each time I fail, I internalize it - I’m only human. Take the time to absorb, and wake up the next morning and turn your mistakes into lessons; if we don’t win, we learn. SIDIA was completely re-imagined during the pandemic. And while we were hit with new lows, we learned how to work smarter and pick back with a new and inspired vision for the brand. You will be hit with failures and crises along the way, be it internal or external, but it’s how you come back from them that makes or breaks a business.

SIDIA the Brand Founder Erin Kleinberg
Do you have a regimented skincare routine? If so, what are some of your favourite products or steps in your routine?
I’m always testing different products, so my skincare line-up tends to be all over the place! But I have a few signature go-to’s that I rely on, and a routine that’s more or less consistent.

Step one of my skincare regimen is always lighting a candle — not a ‘product’ per se but hear me out —  to really set the mood and create a container where the next 2/5/10 minutes are for me. I pull on my Cloud Nine made from the softest velour to keep those pesky baby hairs at bay, and splash cold water on my face. Then it’s a four step cleanse, exfoliate, serum and moisturize. I love a gentle but thorough cleanser to start, especially when I'm using a heavier exfoliator. After cleansing I go in with my $20 Amazon Ice Roller - I’m all about that high low mix. It’s such a soothing release and my secret weapon for puffy skin. Exfoliation is what makes your serum that much more effective - and that tactile experience is everything. I swear by the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads for baby soft skin, or the Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask from Three Ships if I have a few minutes to spare. Sometimes it’s just fun to put on a face mask (and I usually mix a little extra for my hubby)! Then onto a serum, right now I’m obsessed with Goop’s all-in-one face oil, and then I’ll finish with a moisturizer. Usually it’s the Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Day Cream - with the dry winter air and limited sun, I’m doing all I can to get extra moisture and keep my skin looking glowy.


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