Different Ways to Repurpose Your Three Ships Packaging

Different Ways to Repurpose Your Three Ships Packaging - Three Ships

Alongside our cruelty free, vegan and affordable skincare products comes cute little tubes that keeps them safely compacted inside. We are all for taking care of our planet and our packaging contributes to doing just that. Not only are our tubes 100% recyclable - they can also be repurposed! You can use them on the go, when travelling, for storage and so much more - but today, we'll take you through our Three Ships team's most common uses for these colourful caddies. 

1. Store Your Q-Tips & Cotton Balls

The Three Ships tubes serve as a perfect tube to store your Q-tips; whether they be on the road or in your bathroom, it’s cuter than a container. 

2. Mints On The Go

Same goes for your flosser’s. Stick your mint- flavoured favourites in one of these tubes and throw them in your purse for that next dinner date. You'll thank us later 😉

3. Bling Storage

These tubes can fit all of your bling. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings- you name it. And they’re excellent for keeping tabs on just how much jewellery you should pack. Over packers - this one is for you! No, you do not need 10 pairs of earrings on a one week vacay.

4. Always be prepared - Bobby/ Safety Pins 

You’ll always need a pin when it’s least expected. Save yourself the pain of regret and pack them in one of these beauties! And there's nothing worse than fishing for chapstick in your purse and being struck by a safety pin. These tubes are perfect for storing them in a safe and organized environment. 

5. Headphone Storage

This is the perfect solution to avoid digging at the bottom of your backpack and taking out 6 different objects before you find your headphones. Plus, losing headphones is absolutely tragic. Use our packaging to make sure your next commute doesn’t go quiet.

6. Say Goodbye to Messy Cables

Stick your phone charger in one of these, and have full bars for days. And no annoying hanging cords getting tangled in your bag - it's a win-win 💁🏻‍♀️

7. Pencil/ Pen holder

Jazz up your workspace by placing your pens, pencils and writing utensils in one of our tubes. Plus, pastels can totally brighten that desk of yours. 

And there you have it my loves! When we can, we do our best to contribute to this environment - every little bit counts. Do you repurpose your packaging? Or do you have any nifty ideas that we haven't mentioned yet? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on IG 💖

Have a beautiful week!

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