All You Need to Know about Rosehip Oil

All You Need to Know about Rosehip Oil - Three Ships

Rosehip oil is one of the amazing, key ingredients in our Boost 49% Rosehip Oil Serum -- but what is it? We are here to give you all the  details on what it is and how you can use it! 


Rosehip oil is made from the fruit of the rose once its petals have fallen. They are usually harvested in early fall and have been used by many civilians as a homoeopathic remedy, usually ingested in tea form. Our Rosehip Oil is organic and sourced from Ukraine, free of GMOs and pesticides. This process uses little water and fertilizer, allowing the plant to thrive in harsh conditions. Our suppliers work with local farmers and cooperative producers to ensure fair harvesting practices and offer financial support if needed.

The rosehip buds are sourced and cleaned and put through a hydraulic press to extract the oils from the seeds and flesh of the rosebud. The benefits of the cold press method are that it maintains the integrity of the oil and minimizes the oxidation of the bioactive constituents such as Vitamin A, C, and E.

The interest in rosehip oil on the skin has launched this product into the skincare industry for being rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and rich in vitamins such as A, C, and E. To maintain the quality of these powerful components in rosehip oil, the cold-pressed processing method has been a game-changer. The rosehip buds are crushed and filtered, multiple times at low temperatures as to not oxidize the oil itself and degrade its quality. 


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There are multiple studies investigating the effects of rosehip oil on the skin, especially on scars or hyperpigmentation spots. In one study, customers saw a noticeable improvement in post-surgical scar after 6 weeks of applying it topically twice a day. Another study was done to determine the composition of rosehip oil in comparison to camelina and walnut oil. It was found that rosehip oil was high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which support the skins lipid barrier, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss (prevents moisture from being evaporated into the surroundings)⁠⁠. It was also found that rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, which have a mix of antioxidant and anti-photoaging properties. While more investigation must be done on the speculative claims that Vitamin A gives rosehip oil a retinol aspect, and the vitamin C is stable in the oil suspension, the results from the improvement of post-surgical scar study does show that it can improve wound healing and pigment appearance. 



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Where to Find It and How to Use

Our Boost Oil Serum contains 49% rosehip oil. Since oil-based serums have a larger molecule size than a moisturizer, it should be used as the last step of your skincare routine. Apply Boost twice a day, morning and night, after cleansing and cream to create a barrier that locks in moisture. As an alternative, you can mix your moisturizer with the oil serum to get an extra boost of hydration. 


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