Skin Cycling: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Skincare Trend

Skin Cycling: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Skincare Trend - Three Ships

Just like the rest of the body, your skin needs rest. Constant exposure to products that contain powerful ingredients can damage the surface level of the skin, causing irritation. The solution? Skin cycling! This latest viral trend has taken the skincare world by storm - but how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is Skin Cycling?

Originally coined by Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, Skin Cycling is a skincare regimen that allows for “rest days” during the week, so that your skin can repair itself after using certain products. Achieve happy, healthy skin while also getting the most out of your products without an 11-step skincare routine!

How to Incorporate Skin Cycling in Your Skincare Routine:

Day 1: Exfoliate 

Start off your weekly routine with exfoliation. This will help other products perform more effectively so they are able to penetrate deep into the skin. Our Superfruit Lactic + Multifruit 8% AHA Exfoliating Mask contains both chemical and physical forms of exfoliation. The Rice Powder removes dead skin cells from the surface layer, whereas the chemical exfoliant (Fruit AHA blend) works to increase the rate of cell renewal.

Day 2: Retinol-based product

On the second day, incorporate a bio-retinol product like our Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum. This serum contains a plant-based retinol substitute called Bakuchiol, that smoothes fine lines, fades discoloration, and decreases breakouts.

Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum stock image


Day 3 & 4: Rest Period 

During this rest period, you can repair and replenish your skin’s barrier using Replenish Ceramides + Blueberry Barrier Repair Serum or any of our other oil serums. The Replenish Serum was developed with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki with sensitive skin types in mind.

Day 5: Circle Back to Day 1 & Repeat 

To get the most effective results, integrate this routine with your favorite cleansers, creams, and eye masks

Pro Tip: Don’t introduce Dream and Skin Hero together if you’re new to both. Alternate products on retinol days until your skin has acclimated.

Skin Cycling with Dermatologist Developed Barrier Repair Serum

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Superfruit Lactic + Multifruit 8% AHA Exfoliating Mask

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Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Calendula Bio-Retinol Serum

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